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About Us

Who we are?
Dragonshine is a well-experienced manufacturer  of woven vinyl products, which has offered a feel and look like a plant material  for over 20 years to the interiors market of the world. Our fabric can be  extendedly used as upholstery, and wall2floor products, a smart  option for the surface. That natural-like design appeals to you to touch it,  and it is easy to maintain and clean up. An elegant gene makes it possible for  luxurious and individual demand.

In  response to the interiors trend, we have continued to diversify our carefully  selected offering, including a variety of high-quality woven vinyl upholstery  fabrics, wallpaper, wall panels, mat & runners, wall2wall flooring, and  modular carpet tiles. texlyweave® and texlymat® have been hugely  popular with our interior designers, architects, and residential consumers  leading to our complete solution of experienced teams.

In 2019, we  expanded and partnered with our pet acoustic sheet and Glass Mat reinforced  Thermoplastics (GMT) suppliers. As a result, we started to produce decorative  and acoustic wall panels with texlyweave® surfaces throughout Asia and the international  marketplace.

Above  everything, our past achievement is our valued clientele, and our focus is to  offer each customer a perfect experience on every quote, order, and project as  it goes with us.

What do we care?
We have successfully developed the  needed technology and know-how to reach its present leadership position. We  count on a qualified technical team that analyses all quality parameters of  fabrics and wall2floor products to develop the best solutions according to  market needs and anticipate events.

At  Dragonshine, we also emphasize designs, service, and value. Our focus is to  stay in fashion, offering a growing selection of residential and contract grade  fabric and wall2floor from our mills. In recent years, our buyers have traveled  globally to pull together a well-curated and ever-changing assortment of luxury  woven vinyl for home and commercial applications.

Our veteran  customer service team understands all offers and demands every client brings as  an opportunity to help decide the most appropriate choices for their surface of  home or forthcoming project.

Client  satisfaction is a core priority for our company, and we put great energy into  exceeding expectations on every order. In addition, our ability to ship  internationally positions us as a global player in the residential, hospitality,  and commercial sectors.

How can we help?
After years of effort, we developed  our products in the wake of international standards and trends, our product  quality continued improving, and the market gradually expanded. As a result,  our brand has been recognized in the global and domestic markets; so far, we  have more than hundreds of projects every year across different high-grade and  lively places; our woven vinyl can satisfy customers as the different needs. In  the meantime, we signed many sole agent agreements with different regions or  agreed distribution services to other places as well; the reward of all the above  was that we achieved a lot of valuable suggestions, and our international team  will keep expanding in wall2floor surface in the future, we will make texlyweave® and texlymat® a good and un-neglected choice to  the customer.

texlyweave® - The innovative woven vinyl floor, wall2wall  floor and wallcovering.
   texlymat® - Luxurious yet low-maintenance  materials used in this ultra-stylish floor mats and placemats offering  exceptional design and performance.

What do we sell?
We sell a  variety of high-quality woven vinyl upholstery fabrics related to wallpaper, acoustic  & decorative wall panels, mat & runners, wall2wall flooring, and  modular carpet tiles. texlyweave® and texlymat® have been hugely  popular with our interior designers, architects, and residential consumers  leading to our complete solution of experienced teams.

We were the original woven vinyl flooring producer  from 2002, and we've only improved. Our exclusive products have been used and  seen in countless prestige projects in the hospitality, corporate offices, club  clubhouse, show flats, and residential projects, including some of the world's  most renowned brands.

Why we are reliable?
   texlyweave®  woven vinyl is the premiere synthetic fabric applied in military areas,made from polyester technical yarn and technically vinyl  coated. Our texlyweave® collection looks like natural plant yarn but  with a metallic sheen, clarity thread, and jacquard design beyond traditional colorways  and beloved weave textures. texlyweave® embodies a combination of  discretion and class connected to innovation and durability. It is softness  underfoot, stain-resistance, and contract grade rating. Thanks to its  individuality and the raw materials used, atexlyweave® collection will perform well in almost any indoor or outdoor environment, from washrooms  to lobbies, bringing the simple look of nature and style without maintenance  worries. The incidence of light provides texlyweave® with its character  and distinctive appearance and creates magical realism in the space in which it  appears.

Most of the products  have passed the test of woven vinyl flooring specs at CE standard EN ISO 14041:  004 and against the requirements for textile floorcovering without pile  stipulated in EN 1397: 2014+A3:2018.

Is  it a sustainable product?
 Our  steadfast commitment to excellence and sustainability are testament to our  desire to deliver integrated solutions with high-quality and eco-friendly  materials to clients to achieve their ethical goals in the building industry.
 Some  synthetic materials can be detrimental to the environment, but this is not the  case for our texlyweave® wall to floor products. When texlyweave®  was being developed, the ecological aspect also played an important role next  to innovation and practicality. texlyweave® is made from the most  ecological products only for building our tomorrow. Furthermore, the total texlyweave® product processing uses low temperatures and nearly zero water. All  excess material created during production can be recycled. With texlyweave® at home, the heating and air conditioner will work less, texlyweave® collection will keep your home desired temperature for a longer time.  Woven vinyl products were always designed for outdoor applications;  solution-dyed, the color is solid throughout all the fibers and yarns created, giving  it unsurpassed color life against fading. These  yarns and back cushions texlyweave® can be regenerated  repeatedly, opening the doors to infinite possibilities for creators and  consumers alike.