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Quality - Sustainability  Statement

Our Ability and Duty to Act

The DRAGONSHINE believes that quality and  sustainable growth in prosperity and well-being requires careful nurturing of  natural resources and the environment. It seeks to contribute to this with its  activities. It respects the culture and customs of the countries where it  operates insofar as these do not conflict with its objectives and core values.  It provides outstanding products and services to customers in conformity with  the core values of its code of conduct. These values are the starting point for  our internal operations, how we meet the needs of our customers and our  attitude toward our environment.

The DRAGONSHINE recognizes that it could  create positive environmental and social impacts but that it also has risks  associated with the potential adverse effects of its operations and those of  its customers and other entities with which it does business, such as vendors, suppliers,  and dealers with which DRAGONSHINE enters alliances (also referred to below as  ‘business partners).

The DRAGONSHINE believes that quality and sustainable  development are conditions for future prosperity. Therefore, our strategy is to  offer a range of specialized products in our markets and develop new products  to meet specific customer needs. We also expect our business partners they  endorse this commitment.
 We are committed to maintaining an integrated  management system as below.
 This policy identifies how we intend to  contribute to economic, environmental, and social progress to achieve  sustainable development.

Core policies

 Our business partners are expected to know  and consider the potential impact of their activities on the environment and  seek to avoid or, when avoidance is not possible, minimize these impacts. They must  have appropriate policies and programs to prevent and mitigate adverse effects.
 Human Rights
 All business partners are expected to  respect and promote human rights as described in the United Nations Declaration  of Human Rights in their business decisions and influence their suppliers to do  the same. Furthermore, they are expected to provide for and cooperate in  remediation through legitimate processes for unavoidable adverse impact  standards.
 All business partners are expected to  respect and promote labor standards as described in the Intentional Labor  Organization Declaration on Fundamental Principles and Rights at Work and  related conventions. They are expected to do so in their operations and to use their  influence with their suppliers to do the same. Furthermore, they are expected  to provide for and cooperate in remediation through legitimate processes for  unavoidable adverse impacts.
 Business partners are expected to consistently  apply high standards of honesty and integrity across their global operations  and in all their business dealings. DRAGONSHINE operates according to its  corporate values and is committed to preventing corruption and bribery in all  its forms. Accordingly, it does not tolerate it in its own business or with those  with whom DRAGONSHINE does business.

The business partner declares that it  commits to the quality and sustainability Policy, meets the above core  policies, and confirms that it has integrated a process of identifying,  preventing, mitigating, and being accountable for material sustainability  impacts in its operations. This includes having purchasing guidelines that pay  attention to the sustainability issues in its supply chains.

The business partner commits to operating  in line with the policies mentioned above and informs DRAGONSHINE in case of  (partially or temporarily) failing to meet these policies. The business partner  will moreover constructively and proactively cooperate in verification, audits,  and reporting by independent third parties.